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Our lawn treatment service consists of four visits throughout the year. The quarterly visits ensure your lawn gets the things it needs when it needs them. Our program starts in March or April, with an 8 to 10 week interval between each visit. However, we can still treat your lawn even if you are starting part way through the year.

Our lawn fertiliser products are the highest quality professional lawn care products on the market. Sourced from the worlds leading manufacturers of professional horticultural products. Click here for technical details of these lawn care products.

Take a look at our lawn treatment program below.

Our Quarterly Treatment Service

First Treatment - March / April

To start the lawn growing season we apply a high potash and potassium fertiliser to build lawn wear resistance and develop a strong root zone. Nitrogen is also added to ensure a thick, green appearance to the lawn in a couple of weeks. A moss killer and weed killer is also applied to the lawn at this time.

Second Quarter - May / June

A high nitrogen fertiliser is applied at this time of year to retain the lawns deep, green colour. This is a scorch resistant fertiliser in case we have a dry spell through the summer. A further weed killer is applied at this time to tackle any remaining weeds.

Third Quarter - July / August

Again a scorch resistant fertiliser is applied to with high nitrogen to maintain a green lawn in the event of warm, dry weather. Spot treatment of any new weeds is carried out.

Fourth Quarter - September to November

The winter liquid fertiliser used is deigned to help the lawn cope with the wear and tear of winter use and frost. A specialist lawn tonic is sprayed to improve mineral balance in the soil. Last but not least, a moss killer is sprayed over the lawn.

Additional lawn care services available

We may recommend extra lawn services from time to time to treat specific problems. There is usually an additional charge for these extra lawn treatments.


The removal of thatch and moss that if left chokes the lawn and prevents our products from doing their jobs. The result is a thicker lawn turf with little or no moss.

Hollow Tine Aeration

Using a machine designed for golf courses, this is the removal of hundreds of cores allows improved drainage, relieves compaction and reduces moss. This results in a lush healthy lawn.

Fungus & Disease Control

Common lawn problems such as yellowing patches and brown spots are usually a lawn disease. We have spray treatments for these that can handle most lawn problems with 2 applications.

Pest Control

We can treat most lawn pest infestations including chafer grubs, leather jackets and even control worm casts. We can not deal with moles however due to current EU restrictions on poisons.

Water Conserver Treatment

Dry spells can be very damaging to your lawn. Our Water Conserver treatment reduces the need for watering and helps the lawn cope with the lack of water.

Growth Slowing Treatment

This lawn treatment reduces the need for mowing the lawn by up to 50% and improves the overall thickness of the lawn.