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Advanced Fertiliser

We use the highest quality fertilisers from the worlds leading manufacturer of professional horticultural products. Your lawn receives four feedings through the year.

Each is tailored to the season and keyed to the precise needs of your lawn at that time. Our granular “NO SCORCH” fertliser applied in the summer months is designed for a gentle, controlled release feeding that promotes recovery, dense green sward and a deep root system.

Weed Control

We use selective herbicides more powerful than those available in garden centres, with several active ingredients, thereby controlling common weeds.

Some weeds can be a little more troublesome, so on subsequent visits we use more powerful, specific weedkillers for these “difficult to shift” varieties.

Moss and Disease Control

Moss control is applied in both spring and autumn and is a contact liquid. However, there are other causes of moss problems, but these can usually be reduced by scarification and hollow tine aeration.

Our lawn care technician will be happy to advise. If we should detect any pests or diseases in your lawn we have the necessary products to rectify the situation.